Facebook employees at risk from H-1B visa changes

Posted on: 03 Feb 2017  |   Tags: Facebook , H-1B , USA , visa ,

News from the USA that proposed changes to the H-1B visa laws has alarmed many people including large American corporations that rely on workers travelling under this visa scheme.  The tech sector is particularly concerned with the news and statistics have now been revealed to show how many may be affected by the new proposals.  Reuters analysis of US Labour Department statistics show that over 15% of Facebook’s employees in the USA in 2016 were working under a temporary work visa.  Other listed as high employers are Alphabet Inc, Amazon and Microsoft.  It has already been reported that Indian tech companies are concerned that the new regulations will impact their sector and this will further add to growing concerns over immigration changes that are being proposed by the new president. There are those that believe that the system is fundamentally flawed and need of an overhaul as most of the applicants for the lottery style system ae outsourcing firms that flood the application process and gain most of the visas granted. Changes to the system that replace the lottery system with issuing the visas to the highest paid jobs first should end the dominance of the outsourcing firms and allow genuine talent to benefit from the H-1B visa system.  This would of course lessen the blow to the likes of Facebook and keep the incredibly influential United States tech sector on side.  Indeed President Trump has been in talks with Facebook to discuss the best way forward on reforming the H-1B visa system.  Many industry and union leaders are hoping that the rules will become clearer quickly so that businesses can focus on getting the right staff in place.

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