Miguna was deported to Canada by the Kenyan government for helping Raila Odinga, Opposition party leader, to take the oath of becoming the People's President. However, in less than a month of his deportation, Miguna announced that he will be returning to Kenya. Miguna is a member of the National Super Alliance and a lawyer. Miguna feels the Uhuru Kenyatta, president of Kenya, is a despot and must go. His passport was seized by the government after orders by the court but returned to him on February 15, 2018. However, many members of the parliament earlier said that if he wants a Kenyan passport, he should apply for one, which will do so, after returning to Kenya. Gordon Kihalangwa, outgoing director of Immigration, said that Miguna had renounced his passport in 1988, two years after leaving the country. However, Miguna argues that the court forcefully took his passport and should return it to him instead of forcing him to apply for another. Miguna announced that he will go on a world tour before returning to Nairobi on March 26, 2018. In his email, he told everyone to mark the day as the mother of all liberation struggles. The lawyer and activist were welcomed in Toronto, Canada with open arms and also given a bouquet of flowers by dignitaries who called him by his name. Fred Matiang'is, interior minister of Kenya, said that they’ve got their Miguna back.

World tour

Miguna will be traveling to many countries starting March 2 in Washington DC. He will visit New York after going to Washington DC, followed by a visit to Houston, Dallas, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Oxford, London, Berlin, and then Nairobi. During his tour, he will be popularizing the agenda of the National Resistance Movement and why the Kenyan president should be removed from his position.

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