The culture of Ghana is so very different than China’s and being able to spend one year in such a different country is all a student can ask for. Over the years, hundreds of Ghanaian students have been to China through the Year Abroad program. They stay there for a year and get to learn the Chinese culture and Mandarin language. For a student to be eligible for this exchange program, they first need to spend three years of university in Ghana and the remaining one year in China. In 2017, around 49 students got the golden opportunity to spend 12 months in the Asian country, which also is the most famous international study destination in the continent. Winnand Kofi Azanku, the coordinator of University of Ghana Chinese department, said that living in China for a year helps them learn Mandarin and imbibe the Chinese culture. Most of the students that went to China through the program are already back home and using what they learned to improve Ghana’s infrastructure and resources. He also gets calls from Chinese companies in Ghana if there is a Ghanaian exchange student as it gives them a better chance at finding jobs. Kumah Michael, a Ghanaian student who will be going to China this fall, said that after going to the country he intends to improve his language skills and bring business opportunities to Ghana.

Endless opportunities

Keith Cleland, another student, said that the opportunities are endless and once you get a grasp of the language, you are hot cake among Chinese companies. He is excited about the program and is looking forward to the very different experience he will get in China. Shevonna Sophie Ansah, a language student from Ghana, said that not only does she want to learn Chinese but also get to know the country’s people and culture.

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